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                                    MORE ABOUT SCIENCE
‘Science’ comes from the Latin word ‘to know’. Therefore, Science is Knowledge.  
Scientists use knowledge to discover how and why things happen. They use this knowledge to change or stop something from happening ---- for example, certain diseases can be stopped or even an earthquake can be prevented from happening.
There are two main areas of science known as the branches of science. They are Physics Sciences and the Life Sciences. Physics and Chemistry are Physical Sciences while Biology and Medicine are Life Sciences.
It is important that when a discovery is made, it must be communicated to other scientists so that they can use the necessary knowledge in their own research work. This way, it would lead to a faster usage of the discovery and many people would benefit.
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Experiments by scientists are carried out in laboratories. Sometimes, it may take many years of very hard work and research in these laboratories before a scientist is able to solve a problem.
Science Decoded: Science For Six-Year-Olds: Introducing The Scientist ...We generally read about certain facts in our school books and often wonder how it can be proved. Scientists always carry out ‘Experiments’ to prove certain things. For example, the fact that the earth revolves around the sun, was first proved by the astronomers before it was accepted by the general public.
One of the best ways to learn is to carry out experiments. Many simple experiments or ‘do-it-yourself’ exercises are recommended in science textbooks. These may be tried out by you to learn facts.

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